Feature Pack Active Active Failover iSCSI V7 only

This feature enables you to simultaneously run volumes in the active mode on two nodes - providing high availability of data.
If one node fails, the other one takes over automatically and all application services continue to run without interruption.
Once the failed node is available again in the resource pool, the storage administrator can move the activity of selected volumes back to the node of choice.
Thanks to the Active-Active functionality, overall cluster performance is improved since the read, write and replication traffic can be balanced on both nodes. Within just a few minutes, you will have up to several hundred gigabytes available on your network – without much effort and no downtime.

Active-Active Automatic Failover for iSCSI is a crucial Data Storage functionality used for:

High Availability,
Cloud Storage,
Storage for Virtualization,
Business Continuity,
and many more.

Price available upon request.

Product Specifications

  Advantages of Open-E DSS V7 Active-Active Cluster


Doubles your overall performance in most of the configurations. You just need to set it up right.Platform-independent: usable with commodity hardware


Eliminates a Single Point of Failure by configuring Active-Active clusters without shared (common) discs. Thanks to this, your data is more secure.Cost-effectiveness in hardware: both head nodes access all drives simultaneously


Self-Validation of the system! When starting a cluster, DSS V7 checks all critical settings on each node, including: (SCSI IDs, tasks, ping notes, configurations, resource pools, auxiliary paths, and more). This way, clusters can’t be started if they were configured wrong.

Cluster security is improved by the ability to configure as many Auxiliary paths as many network connections you have

Increased sensibility for network Failures, thanks to the possibility of configuring Ping Nodes

Speeds up networking connectivity, since I/O traffic is equally balanced on two nodes.

Eliminates waste of hardware resources by providing more efficient usage.


ISCSI Functionality
IP Address restrictions, CHAP, MPIO, iSCSI Failover, SCSI-3 persistent reservation, Session Management
Network Clients & Protocols
Supports Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS 8.0 - 10.5.8, X, SMB/CIFS, FTP, Secure FTP, HTTPS, Apple Talk, NFS v2, v3, iSCSI, Fibre Channel
Supports Legacy Hardware
Supports older hardware to ensure backward compatibility
Supports Popular Backup Software
Unlike most of the competitors, Open-E includes backup-agents to support the world's most popular backup applications like Backup Exec®, Retrospect®, BrightStor® - so you can leverage your existing investment and expertise
Initial Configurations Wizard
As soon as Open-E starts, the Setup Wizard helps you with all the network and system settings - you get up fast, with built-in help, and can see immediate results
Automated Update and Rollback of OS
The automated update and rollback makes it easy to update and get the latest features and is also simple to rollback if there is an issue that needs to be resolved first - reducing system downtime
Linux Operating System
Open-E runs on a Linux Platform because of its proven stability, unlike others which are less stable or which have limited and diminishing support for new hardware
Independent OS
Open-E uses its own independent OS and is device independent which does not require the expense of another copy of Windows and allows you to use more hardware options (legacy or modern)
High-Availability over 2 Nodes
Open-E can recognize hardware/software failure and immediately re-starts the application on another system without requiring admin intervention or downtime which further reduces downtime at no extra cost
NAS Functionality
Windows Active Directory/Primary Domain Controller, NIS, Intern/external LDAP, ADS and NIS User/Group ID Synchronization, File System with Journaling, User and Group Quota, Antivirus
WORM, NDMP v3.0, Backup-Agents (Backup Exec®, Retrospect®, BrightStor®), Data (File) Replication, Volume Replication
Supports Latest Hardware
Supports all the latest hardware, including the latest multiple CPU's which ensures forward compatibility
Supports Appliance API
To further ensure compatibility, Open-E has an open storage API to communicate between different software programs and detached appliances which ensures easy third-party integration for maximum compatibility
Task and Schedule Manager
Tasks can be automatically scheduled for data, volume replication and snapshots - making it easy to setup, so you can concentrate on other tasks
Monitoring & E-mail Notification
Automatically notifies the system administrator via e-mail when there are RAID or HDD problems, making it easy to troubleshoot and quickly fix problems
Journalling Support
The system tracks and logs changes prior to affecting the main file system, making the file system more reliable
Continuous Data Protection
Provides continuous backup/replication of data - far superior to 24 hour snapshot backups (lose approx. 17 e-mails in between backups, versus up to 10,000 on an Exchange e-mail system) - also much quicker to restore (20 minutes vs. 3-5 hour tape backup). If available, usually an expensive option for other storage software

How to Order

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