Supermicro® Solutions for SAP HANA®

SAP Certified Solutions


Supermicro systems continue to provide many advantages to SAP customers with its new SAP certification to run SAP HANA, S/4HANA additionally to SAP NetWeaver related workloads and boost the performance of SAP mission critical in-memory database and applications on the reliable Supermicro scale-up platform.

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Your business expects you to analyze and access large volumes of data you need in real-time. With the Supermicro Solutions for SAP HANA that stores data in columnar tables and uses memory processing speed and multicore processor technology, you can run advanced analytics alongside high-speed transactions and get accurate, up-to-date responses in real time.

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SAP NetWeaver

Supermicro a global leader in compute, storage and networking technologies, including green computing, has certified its complete portfolio of server and storage solutions to support the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform running on Linux. Supermicro is collaborating with SAP to bring its rich portfolio of open cloud-scale computing solutions to enterprise customers looking to transition from traditional high-cost proprietary systems.

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